Sunday, August 1, 2010

Resource, Not Review

Well, today's contribution isn't a book review, but hopefully people will find it as useful. I've created a wiki, full of resources to help connect readers with young adult fiction.

The site has links for finding books, links to review sites, book trailer sites, blogs, contests and conferences associated with Young Adult fiction. There are also links to social networking sites based on books (goodreads, shelfari and the like).

For the in-school set, there are also links to sites to help you come up with great and creative ideas for sharing and presenting books (better than plain old book reports), as well as several free, web-based programs for creating multi-media presentations.

Finally, there are links to sites that might be of interest to young writers - whether you're looking for writing tips or advice on getting published, it should be there!

There are a few links that will likely only be helpful to my students (since I'll be using it with them) or people who live in my community, but the vast majority of the sites should be easily accessible for everyone!

So, if you're looking for more ways to find that book you don't know about yet but you're dying to read, see if any of the sites on Resources for Reading might help!

Happy reading!

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